lucyI am a senior at the University of Memphis majoring in Creative Mass Media. However, I have been working on my own personal form of journalism and design since high school. During my junior year in high school, I started an online publication called GrrlPunch Online Magazine. GrrlPunch Magazine is a diary-like publication for young creatives to voice what they’re passionate about. The magazine utilizes various forms of media in order to highlight the importance of what young minds have to say. The magazine, which is run entirely online, posts each weekday by featuring writing, art, photography and podcasts. While I have run the magazine as the editor-in-chief over the past four years, GrrlPunch has reached 148 countries, worked with 183 contributors and published over 1,000 articles and pieces of artwork. Through all of this growth, the message of the magazine has stayed the same. It is a place for young people to be heard and learn about the journalism and marketing industries.

Throughout my time at the University of Memphis, I have taken numerous classes in the journalism department that I feel have prepared me for a career in various forms of media. However, my interest in journalism and creative media stems from a love of sharing stories through writing and creating visuals. As a result of the skills I have acquired through my education and experience, I feel I am prepared and excited for new challenges.

I currently work for Archer Malmo— a local advertising agency in downtown Memphis. I work as a social media specialist for the agency’s clients creating monthly editorial calendars, writing reports and creating paid social ads.