Dr. Anne Zachry: “Less Is [Truly] More” 

Occupational therapist, child behavior expert and published author Dr. Anne Zachry has made it her life’s mission to educate individuals on the importance of basics in child rearing.

Anne Zachry plays with an infant as a part of her mission to improve child rearing practices and interact more with babies to promote health.

Dr. Zachry, a mother of three, is both a teacher for future pediatric OT’s as well as an author published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Earning her undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Zachry decided to make a major life shift abandoning her plan of law school and enrolling in the University of Memphis to study occupational therapy.

After coming to Memphis to visit her recently injured father in the burn unit, she met his occupational therapist and immediately became interested. “He went through rehab, so I looked into it and found out they had pediatrics and I said that’s for me,” Zachry said. “So, I ditched law school and went to OT school.”

Dr. Zachry’s main focus, other than her daily office work, is her published book, Retro Baby, and the sequel coming out soon advising parents to “go back to the basics” of child care to ensure better infant health and creativity.

According to Zachry, popular child gear dominating the infant marketplace and stores are more harm than good.

“The less equipment is better baby development and toy-like light up gadgets and things like that, they don’t encourage creativity,” Zachry stated.

Despite her focus on infants, Zachry’s sequel to “Retro Baby” will focus more on the toddler stage. However, Zachry’s intensive research for the sequel, “Retro Toddler”lead her to concerning statistics for older children in the American school system that leads to posture and creativity issues.

“We really need to quit worrying about standardized testing and let our kids be creative,” she continued. “They need downtime.”

Although she is a huge proponent for the basics, Zachry never shames mothers using baby gear and even admitted to utilizing some gear having been a working mother.

“I would say that when it comes to raising children,” Zachry continued, “less is more.”