Memphis Difference Makers: StreetDog Foundation Rescues Memphis Mutts

Memphis Difference Makers: StreetDog Foundation Rescues Memphis Mutts

Melanie and Kent Pafford have been making a difference in Memphis through StreetDog Foundation since 2009. The couple started their dog rescue foundation after witnessing the terrible conditions of Memphis animal rescues. 

Melanie Pafford visited Memphis Animal Services searching for a stray dog that a friend had been feeding that had disappeared. Mrs. Pafford never located the dog she was searching for, but instead, left the facility with three others dogs in need. 

“We couldn’t un-see what we had seen. We knew, at the time, Memphis Animal Services was putting down 100 dogs a day, seven days a week. We couldn’t know that and just carry on, so we decided we’d start a rescue,” Kent Pafford said. 

StreetDog Foundation operates through the hard work of Melanie, Kent and a host of dedicated volunteers who care for homeless dogs using community donations. 

Memphis-native, Shelby Fairly has been working with the foundation for a few years after adopting her dog, Rusty. 

Fairly said she is proud to be working with StreetDog because of the positive impact it’s had on the Memphis community through getting strays into loving homes, improving the lives of families across Memphis and cutting down on dog euthanizing. 

“Our StreetDog motto is “Rescue Me, Rescue You” and we’ve had so many adopters tell us they’re dog has done just that for them, Kent Pafford said.